Dr. Ajay H. Kantharia


Consulting Physician & Cardiologist

Critical Care Physician

Dr. Ajay H. Kantharia, passed M.D. in Internal Medicine in 1988, and has been in private practice since then.

He is attached to

Saifee Hospital

Sir H. N. Hospital

Smt. Motiben B. Dalvi Hospital.

Dr. Ajay H. Kantharia has an active practise since last 22 years & has treated thousands of critically ill (cardiac, respiratory, abdominal & neurological) patients. He is the pioneer in starting Cardiac Ambulance Service in Mumbai, the success of which is seen by the number of cardiac ambulances mushrooming in the city of Mumbai today. This fully equipped ambulance service is available to anyone, at any time & to go anywhere-to any hospital/destination of his/her/your choice.

Dr. Kantharia has put in his rich clinical experience together to form an “Atheroscterosis Control Program”. This will help an individual patient the latest & best available treatment for atherosclerosis related ailments.

Apart from General Medicine, he has large number of patients suffering from Ischemic Heart Disease, Cerebrovascular Disease, (Stroke) , Hypertension, Asthma, Diabetes, etc.

He is a Critical Care Physician and his opinion on Critically ill patients and his participation in patient care is always in demand.

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Ground floor, Opp. Strand,
Colaba, Mumbai 400005.
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